Electrosurgical unit forceps / bayonet / titanium Günter Bissinger Medizintechnik

Electrosurgical unit forceps / bayonet / titanium Günter Bissinger Medizintechnik
Günter Bissinger Medizintechnik

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Titanium instruments have been used for many years for all applications where the lower weight of the instrument helps to reduce fatigue during surgery. Titanium is significantly lighter than steel, absolutely stainless and non-magnetic. Therefore titanium instruments are also very suitable for use in environments with strong magnetic fields where standard steel instruments cannot be used. Titanium Bipolar Forceps made by Bissinger are manufactured from a particularly hard and tenacious titanium alloy. This ensures good resistance to wear and durability of the instrument. The forceps jaws close accurately and allow for precise and safe work even in particularly delicate applications and hardly accessible areas. For better distinction from other bipolar forceps and in order to avoid confusion, all titanium models are equipped with a black plastic plug at the connector end.
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