Unloading trolley / mortuary / loading / hydraulic MF LEEC

Unloading trolley / mortuary / loading / hydraulic MF LEEC

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Construction Featuring a simple yet robust construction, this trolley provides a stable and versatile platform which is easy to move and built to withstand heavy and continual use. Finished in a durable powder coated blue finish and available either as a manual unit, fitted with a reliable dual acting hydraulic hand pump and heavy duty ram, or with a power assisted hoist. The powered model features a 12v battery powered, single speed pump. The pump motor and battery are fitted in a steel housing which encloses the battery, motor, Integral battery charger, switch and meter. To charge the battery use the short cable to connect the power to the built in plug, housed in the control panel, avoiding any fixed trailing leads. Capable of successfully fulfilling its role, this trolley is designed to give many years of heavy use. Its use can readily be enhanced to cater for many purposes in the mortuary, with many adaptions to fulfil a range of functions, making this a useful, versatile and indispensable tool.
  • Applications:unloading, loading
Private Road 7,
United Kingdom
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