Mortuary trolley / loading / lifting / hydraulic 256 Kg | PST LEEC

Mortuary trolley / loading / lifting / hydraulic 256 Kg | PST LEEC
256 Kg | PST

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Construction With an increased awareness of labour efficiency and manual handling risks, LEEC have specifically designed this trolley to cater for single operator transportation. With a substantial construction, the unit features a powerful electric power traction drive to provide both ease of movement and precise manoeuvrability even when fully loaded, with the additional option for powered tray retraction/insertion to body stores Particularly versatile in restricted space, the integrated traction offers a 15 km range on a single charge, enabling use not only for general transportation, but also for effortless body store loading . Parameters, such as speed and torque, are fully programmable and can be factory configured to suit any hospitals Individual topography, enabling safe operation. Finished in a durable powder coated finish, the stable platform is built to withstand continual use. The control panel provides battery status with intelligent charging system, incorporating forward and reverse motions fitted with safety release. The programmable digital control system and battery are fitted in a steel housing protected from water ingression. Vertical elevation is provided with a powerful hydraulic ram capable of lifting 40 stone (256kg) . Sleek modern design and functionality, leaving the user free from the strain of manual handling issues.
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