Drying cabinet / laboratory 1000 L | FCX1 LEEC

Drying cabinet / laboratory 1000 L | FCX1 LEEC
1000 L | FCX1

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DESCRIPTION LEEC drying cabinets are rust resistant and finished in white powder coated paint with heatproof toughened glass doors and wire mesh shelves. The mesh shelves are removable and can be adjusted for height every 25mm. Heating elements are waterproof and are located under the perforated floor which is finished in unpainted, polished stainless steel. Temperature control is by Simmerstat giving any desired temperature up to a maximum of 50°C above ambient temperature. A drying cupboard, also known as a drying cabinet, is a vertical unit designed to dry clothing without tumbling. It can be used to dry clothing that cannot be safely dried in a conventional clothes dryer, such as wet cycling gear. MODEL RANGE The standard "natural convection" drying cabinets are supplied with a sliding stainless steel shutter on top for ventilation. LEEC drying cabinets are also available with a circulation fan or extract fan. A circulating fan can be incorporated for improved drying performance. The air is drawn upwards through the body of the cabinet and returned via a full width air duct to the heaters in the base. Where an extractor fan for exhausting moisture to outside the building is fitted, the fan will be located in a chimney which adds approximately 200mm to the overall cabinet height and terminates in a 100mm diameter spigot. Note: The FCX1 model is a combined circulating / extractor system. A butterfly valve system adjusts the proportion of air circulated or exhausted by a single, more powerful fan unit.
  • Medical establishment:laboratory
  • Applications:drying
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