Anatomy table / height-adjustable LEEC

Anatomy table / height-adjustable LEEC

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LEEC Height Adjustable Mobile Anatomy Table Originally developed as a bespoke solution for Glasgows Clinical Anatomy Skills Centre, under consultation with Glasgow University and the Royal College of Physicians, LEEC's Height Adjustable Mobile Anatomy Table allows users the flexibility to adapt a rooms layout to meet their particular needs at any point in time. Particularly suited for use in:- Training environments where the layout may need to be adapted to accomodate viewing for a small or large number of spectating students. Disaster situations where speed and volume is required, hence multiple tables and maximum available space is commandeered to deal with emergency requirements. Temporary facilities where mobility is an advantage and tables can be brought in and removed as and when required.
  • Type:anatomy
  • Other characteristics:height-adjustable
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