Undercast bandage NUP-2100, NUPP-2050 BL Tech

Undercast bandage NUP-2100, NUPP-2050 BL Tech
NUP-2100, NUPP-2050

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Neal Under-Pad is tubular bandage which is used for casting tape and splint operating to be applicable to the case of necessity that fix or maintain the part of body as bone fracture or sprain and it is manufactured by woven polyester yarn which is FTY(False Twist Yarn) and circular weaver and irritate free on the skin due to water-repellent treatment. It is water repellent skin protection pad which is good quality buffer to protect the skin from splint, drying fast through smooth ventilation, draining the moisture dry when it contact with moisture and comfortable to operate for orthopedic. Neal Under-Pad has skin irritation free. Neal Under-Pad can solve the environmental pollution and medical waste disposal problem due to it made by 100% polypropylene to be able to destroy by fire. And it is treated by water repellent which is high polymer fluorine type with no skin irritation and this is approved through the test of skin irritation (ISO 10993-10:2002(E)) by Korea Testing & Research Institute. Neal Under-Pad is dry fast. Neal Under-Pad can lead to fast dry due to it has hole which is made by mesh type through circular weaver to ventilate well and it repel moisture through water-repellent treatment when it contact with moisture. Neal Under-Pad can protect a sores on affected part by the rest of moisture or an offensive odor by bacillus increase due to it has the function of moisture drain and water-repellent.
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