Rigid synthetic tape / for casting NSC-2P-GR, NSC-3F-OR BL Tech

Rigid synthetic tape / for casting NSC-2P-GR, NSC-3F-OR BL Tech

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Neal Soft normally use for a very bone cracks, sprain, & twist, situation. In one words it a solution for Completely not broken bones. AT the same time it also allow to move the part of body which not need to be fix. Neal soft can be use as a supporter or brace with the combination of rigid cast (complete fix cast) or reinforcing strip. At the time of removing Neal cast you dont even need a cast cutting saw. It can be easily remove with a scissor, children's and women not need to be scared or worry. Neal Cast is a synthetic orthopedic casting tape which is made by knitted fiberglass or polyester substrate impregnated with water-activated poryurethane resin. The fabric used in the preparation of the roll is flexible in all directions. Which make it very comfortable in use, Exposure to any moisture, including ambient humidity, will cause the tape to harden and become Rigid. The setting time for this product is approximately 4 minutes and may be weight bearer in 20 minutes after setting.
  • Application:for casting
  • Type of tape:rigid
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