Rigid synthetic tape / for casting NRS-003P, NPS-3035F BL Tech

Rigid synthetic tape / for casting NRS-003P, NPS-3035F BL Tech
NRS-003P, NPS-3035F

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Neal Splint is applicable to the case of emergency treatment of bone fracture patient, slight fracture and sprain as well as it can be used fix or maintain on the treatment part safely. Neal splint is an orthopedic splint product which is made by polyester non-woven fabric or fiberglas that applied water-activated polyurethane resin. The upper part made by mesh type polyester neat which is hydrophile property and the lower part made by hydrophobic polypropylene non-woven fabric to protect skin. It can be started harden even expose to moisture in the air and take 4 minutes for setting and 20 minutes to be harden completely. Neal Splint drains moisture rapidly due to excellent porous after hardened and maintain superior and light stiffness for long. And it has high transmissivity when it take an X-ray and easy to remove. Neal Splint has easy elasticity when it applicable to patient and very proud mold-ability, easy and simple to use due to adhesion of finishing ends is very clean. Neal Splint is ECO-friendly product. Polyester product among Neal Splints can solve the environmental pollution and medical waste disposal problem due to it made by 100% POLYESTER non-woven fabric to be able to destroy by fire. Neal Splint is dry fast. Neal Splint drains moisture rapidly and dry fast to be able to protect the sore condition of treatment part due to it is made by mesh type fabric. And it gives patient can feel comfortable condition which soft and difficult to live bacteria due to it uses water repellent type polypropylene non-woven fabric for the part which is contacted on the affected part.
  • Application:for casting
  • Type of tape:rigid
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