uMR Omega

uMR Omega
The World's First Ultra-wide-bore 3T MRI

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The uMR Omega™ is designed to break traditional boundaries without compromise. Regardless of the sizes of patients, the revolutionary 75cm, ultra-wide bore could better address patients' condition, greatly boosting your clinical confidence and broadening your clinical capabilities. As we look toward the future, the ultra-wide bore doesn't just provide a unique, patient-centric experience, but also benefits MRI simulation for radiation therapy treatment planning, or even intraoperative MRI.


  • Revolutionary Ultra-wide Bore - Unprecedented Patient Experience
  • Improved productivity and Enhanced Energy Efficiency - Unparalleled AI for Imaging
  • Expanded Access for Your Community - Boundless Clinical Scenarios
  • uAIFI Inside
  • uAIFI ACS (Combination of Four Acceleration Methods, Up to CT-like Scanning Speed, Higher Resolution within Shorter Scan Times, Motion Freezing)
  • AI-empowered Quiet Scannings
  • Technology Outlook: Extended to 3D MRI
  • Powerful System (Greater Access for Your Community, Technology Required for Ultra-wide Imaging)


Magnet System

Field Strength: 3.0 Tesla

Bore Diameter: 75 cm

Evaporation Rate of the Cryogen During Scanning: 0% (Under normal use)

Maximum FoV: 60 cm (X and Y directions)

Shimming: Passive & Active

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