uCT 960+

uCT 960+
640- slice CT

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As an ultra-premium 640-slice CT scanner, uCT 960+ features 16 cm z-axis detector coverage, 0.25 s rotation speed, an ultra-wide 82 cm bore, and a 318 kg. table weight capacity. Using industry-leading AI-empowered technologies, it launches the era of intelligent imaging, offering precise imaging and ease of use throughout the entire clinical spectrum.


  • AI Empowered Scan workflow (uAI Easy-Positioning, uAI Easy-ISO)
  • uAI Cardio Capture
  • uAI Dose Modulation (Traditional Dose Modulation, uAI Dose Modulation)
  • Cardiovascular imaging (CardioCapture with 25 ms temporal resolution, Intelligent workflow for cardiac imaging, Fast switching for cardiovascular imaging)
  • 4D stroke imaging solution (NCCT, CTA, 4D Dynamic CTA, CTP)
  • Oncology (Dual-Energy Scans, Stationary Perfusion Scans, Dynamic Perfusion Scans with up to 40 cm z-coverage)
  • Emergency & Trauma (Single Rotation Brain Imaging, One-Stop Triple Rule Out, Real Time 3D, Intelligent and Precise Analysis)
  • First-class experience (Low Dose Technology, High patient throughput)



Imaging with Quality

16 cm wide Z-detector

0.5 mm detector acquisition

0.25 s rotation speed


Imaging with AI

uAI Vision

uAI CadioCapture

uAI Dose Modulation


Imaging with Care

82 cm Ultra-wide Bore

318 kg. Table Weight Capacity

60 kVp Capability


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