The World First Total - Body PET/CT

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The uEXPLORER is an ultra-high-resolution digital PET/CT with a 194cm axial PET field of view (FOV) that enables the entire body to be scanned in one bed position. The system offers total-body dynamic scanning, which enables ultra-low patient doses and produces ultra-high image resolution, changing the way whole-body PET/CT imaging has traditionally been performed. With total-body coverage and unprecedented sensitivity, uEXPLORER is able to capture dynamic changes to radiotracer distribution with ultra-high temporal resolution. Take healthcare applications and scientific research to the next level with uEXPLORER.


  • 194 cm Axial FOV
  • 176 cps/kBq System Sensitivity
  • 9 mm NEMA Spatial Resolution
  • 91 Billion LORs
  • Innovation (194 cm Axial FOV, 40 x Sensitivity Improvement, Integrated-Light-Guide Digital Detector, Fast Data Processing for Image Reconstruction)
  • Benefits (Functional Images with Anatomical Details, Fast Total-body Imaging, Imaging with Reduced Tracer Dose, Imaging Tracer Distribution for Longer, Total-body Dynamic Imaging in One Single Bed)
  • Possibilities (Improved Lesion Detection, Cell Tracking & Function, New Pharmaceuticals Development, Multisystem Disease Research)
  • Automated Quality Control (Source-free Automatic Daily Quality Control, Weekly Full Quality Control with Easy-to-Handle Process, Easy-to-Use NEMA Tool)
  • Focus On Patient Experience (76cm PET Aperture, Illuminated Patient Bore, 3 In-bore Intercoms, Four Touchscreen Control Panels)


194 cm Axial FOV

Ultra-large coverage by 564,480 crystal elements.


176 cps/kBq System Sensitivity*

Unrivaled sensitivity for superior image quality.

*Measured with a 70 cm NEMA NU-2 phantom.

2.9 mm NEMA Spatial Resolution

Functional images with anatomical details.


91 Billion LORs

100x more computation power than conventional PET/CT**.

**ln comparison to PET/CT with 4mm resolution and 20cm Axial FOV.



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