Ultrasound system / on platform / for multipurpose ultrasound imaging KJ-802 Xuzhou Kejian Hi-tech

Ultrasound system / on platform / for multipurpose ultrasound imaging KJ-802 Xuzhou Kejian Hi-tech

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Special Ultrasound Machine combined with ultrasound image software. The high resolution Ultrasonic Diagnosis Equipment Equipment, controlled by computer and equipped with digital screening converter (DSC), is characterized by its clear image, stable performance and high resolution with adopting variable aperture, multi-segment dynamic focus, large dynamic band low-noise pre-amplifier, logarithmic compression, TGC control, dynamic filter, edge enhancement and frame-related technologies etc. Four display format: B?B+B?4B?B+M?M; Image grey scale: 256 levels Freezing, real time, selective enlargement, upwards/downwards and left/right turnover of the image can be realized 8 stage TGC adjustment. 18 types of body mark Full-screen character annotation Fixed character, real time clock and calendar Electron focusing, free combination of focus Various probe for choice, enough to meet requirement of clinical diagnosis Frequency Conversion: 2.0MHz – 8.0 MHz Image magnification: ×1.0?×1.2?×1.5?×2.0 Measuring: distance, perimeter, area, volume, pregnant weeks etc. heart rate and slope can be measured under M mode Built-in DSTN Processor, PAL-D and VGA video transmission, external screen monitor, colorful screen, video tape recorder, video image printer etc. Movie replay function, uninterrupted replay or step forward/backward replay for 256 images can be realized. Soft push keyboard and track ball or mouth are adopted, shortcut, convenient and flexible. The equipment is an injection mold structure with non-power frequency converter, widely equipped with programmer and Surface Mount Technology (SMT), enjoying high degree of integration and outstanding performance.
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