Bilirubin meter transcutaneous KJ-8000 Xuzhou Kejian Hi-tech

Bilirubin meter transcutaneous KJ-8000 Xuzhou Kejian Hi-tech

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KJ-8000 is mainly used to measure transcutaneous bilirubin value relating to serum bilirubin value of newborns and infants. It is a kind of filtering medical testing instrument that blood sampling is not necessary and there is no pain or bacteria infection.,small volume ,light weight,easy for carrying ,direct reading,no conversion,endurable battery,exact ,quick , intuitionistic,no wound, intelligentized, miniaturization,convenient ,stable,reliable. checking method:reflecting light Display:Three digits LCD display on the big screen. The wrong data can be alarmed and deleted .the unit can be switched between mg/dl?umol/l freely . lamp-house: xenon flash light power:4.8v rechargeable battery measuring times:at least 500 times after charging . calibration function:automatic calibration screen:display “00.0” or“00.1” Average measurement function: 2?5 times can be set