Electro-stimulator (physiotherapy) / on trolley / 1-channel Xuzhou Kejian Hi-tech

Electro-stimulator (physiotherapy) / on trolley / 1-channel Xuzhou Kejian Hi-tech
Xuzhou Kejian Hi-tech

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Through a great deal of clinical practices ,this apparatus is approved that with the strong function of acesodyne, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis ,reducing inflammation, detumescence, recondition entrails’ functions ,rehabilit atrophic muscle ,adjust incretion ,enhance the immune function, restore the nerve function. This apparatus adapt to the physical treatment of “osteoarthritis and cerebral infarction, hemiplegia after cerebral hemorrhage”, widely used in the department of acupuncture and moxibustion, department of physiotherapy ,department of massage ,department of neurology and so on. Main functional characters: ·Simulating the acupuncture and moxibustion,no need of real needle ,safe and reliable ,without side effects. ·Massage with electricity, instead of massage by people ,adopt 8Hz electric pulse to treat the patient . ·Suring treatment ,the patients can have a good effect under the very comfortable condition.
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