Ultrasonic nebulizer HICO-Ultrasonat 810 Hico

Ultrasonic nebulizer HICO-Ultrasonat 810 Hico
HICO-Ultrasonat 810

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HICO-Ultrasonat 810 unites high technology with years of medical experience to give patients and caregivers a sturdy, affordable tool that is uniquely designed and qualified for those that are interested in local anesthesia. The HICO-Ultrasonat 810 works by converting electrical energy to mechanical energy by using the piezo-ceramic transducer that is in the device. Operating at a frequency of 1.7 MHz and a HF output capacity of approx. 32 W, the HICO-Ultrasonat 810 will remain fully operational to meet the needs of users. When the unit starts a minimum amount of time of 15 seconds is needed for it to be properly calibrated automatically. This gives the transducer the ideal alignment. Within the nebulizing chamber particles with sizes of 0.5 to 6 µm are present based on the resulting vibrations.
  • Type:ultrasonic