Electric mucus suction pump / handheld HICO-Permavac 785 Hico

Electric mucus suction pump / handheld HICO-Permavac 785 Hico
HICO-Permavac 785

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The HICO-Permavac 785 suction apparatus features a compact design and boasts adjustable vacuum and high suction power. This portable unit is a great addition to clinics, homes, and medical practices. The HICO-Permavac 785 ships with a long list of features to include a built in pressure monitor, variable vacuum, high suction capacity and open cylinder mounting for immediate identification of even the smallest traces of liquid. Another notable feature of the HICO-Permavac 785 is that it is able to mount two cylinders on the control unit. The cylinder can also be placed on either side of the housing. The HICO-Permavac 785 is easy to maneuver and transport and can be had wth bed stands and suspension. Additionally, the HICO-Permavac 785 provides high levels of hygiene, safety and versatility and can be easily disinfected and cleaned.
  • Configuration:handheld
  • Type:electric