Inhaler Climamaske 300/500 Hico

Inhaler Climamaske 300/500 Hico
Climamaske 300/500

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Climamaske brings warm air directly into the respiratory tract. The person's hair and clothes remain intact without any sign o moisture on them. This type of treatment is ideal for those with upper respiratory breathing problems. It can be used by those that have a cold or even by those that need to inhale dry or warm air to make them feel better. The type of treatment offered not anything new. Doctors in the past have always recommended dry temperatures in the Tropics, Egypt or wherever they see best for the patient to gain relief from their respiratory disturbances. The common old vapor bath with chamomile decoction is still widely used for colds. Climamaske makes life easier for patients by brining the warm air directly to them by giving them a permanent solution to inhale constant warmth even if they are not in the topics.