Trocar / Hasson laparoscopic / non-rounded tip 12 mm Surgitech AS

Trocar / Hasson laparoscopic / non-rounded tip 12 mm Surgitech AS
12 mm

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HASSON TROCAR Surgitech Hasson Trocar is available in Ø 12 mm. FEATURES • Low profile and finger-shaped hook to provide high performance. • Security of the open, cut down technique for the primary port. • Minimize the possibility of inadvertent tissue and blood vessel damage. • Anchoring device is designed to secure the trocar into place. A spring mechanism allows the anchoring device to be placed up and down the shaft of the trocar sleeve for precise depth insertion. The anchoring device includes a tie-down bar. Sutures are wrapped around the tie-down bar to secure the instrument in place during instrument manipulation and to reduces slippage and port migration. • Prevent peritoneal tenting due to smooth obturator / cannula transition. • Leak free and quick instrument exchange by means of an air tight dual seal system. • Smooth cannula tip design reducing the potential for injury to internal structures.
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