Laparoscopic insufflation needle / Veress 2.1 mm Surgitech AS

Laparoscopic insufflation needle / Veress 2.1 mm Surgitech AS
2.1 mm

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VERESS NEEDLE Surgitech Veress Needle, with stainless tip, comes in Ø 2,1 mm X 150 mm. FEATURES • The Surgitech Veress Needle is used to establish pneumoperitoneum prior to abdominal endoscopy. • The Needle has a spring-loaded, blunt stylet mechanism. The stylet retracts as the needle is pushed through the abdominal wall and automatically advances forward once the peritoneum has been penetrated. • The red safety indicator allows the surgeon to keep track with the spring loaded stylet mechanism. • The needle’s handle contains flanges for comfortable gripping, as well as a stopcock and luer lock for inflating the abdominal cavity. • The standard luer lock connection is compatible with all makes of insufflation tubing.
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