Treadmill with handrails SPLIT-BELT Woodway

Treadmill with handrails SPLIT-BELT Woodway

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The Split Belt is a locomotion therapy tool that adds infinitely variable speed control of each leg independently, which can take in patients with asymmetric walking patterns. It is crucial gait rehabilitation treadmill. It is very safety for patient and easy usability. It is benefits for pediatrics use for its lowering capabilities for children. The medical grade, completely flexible handrails are infinitely potential in breadth and height to provide a comfort level that is unmatched by stationary parallel bars. Slat Belt running surface helps take in more of the appulse than any other treadmill preventing further deterioration of bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles of the lower extremity, pelvis and lower back. The Split Belt comes standard with flexible handrails like the Bari Mill. The Split Belt comes standard with fully flexible handrails, but can be outfitted with a front mount single bar providing more room for therapist to get more hands on with patients.
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