Exercise bike Wattbike Woodway

Exercise bike Wattbike Woodway

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Wattbike has a measure power in left or right leg, rehab athletes or build cardio strength with the wattbike. It is superior performance training and rehabilitation tool. Create a baseline or measure improvements over time to assure athletes are ready to return to play or achieving results. The Wattbike does not use a fixed crank like many bikes so users can stop pedaling at anytime. It is efficient identify imbalances, muscle recruitment and fatigue with real time feedback. The unique Wattbike Polar View adds a great deal of insight into how power and forces are being produced. The Wattbike optimal for testing, training and rehabilitating athletes, its breath resistance technology instant a unique realistic feel and its leading computer display is intuitive and exactly monitors speed, power and HR. It is a dynamic training tool. The Wattbike adds factual measurements of HR, Cadence, Leg Balance and most importantly Power to provide coaches and trainers with a unique training tool.
Steinackerstr. 20,
79576 Weil am Rhein
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