Treadmill ergometer with handrails Bari-Mill Woodway

Treadmill ergometer with handrails Bari-Mill Woodway

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Bari-Mill is an ultimate treadmill for medical use because of its superior quality for providing walking support. The handrails can be fully adjusted to offer indefinite possibilities in width and height helping children with lower height to access it easily. The patients and care givers’ task get reduced for its remote pendant controls and the adjustable touch screen display board which make the device user-friendly. It has been designed keeping patient’s safety and reliability in mind. The patented Slat Belt running surface is better in absorbing more impact than any other conventional treadmill which obstructs further decay of bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles of the lower extremity, pelvis and lower back. The Bari-Mill is the perfect device for patients who need walking support with less effort. With its medical grade, fully adjustable handrails, desired height and width are obtained enabling it to be a more effective device for pediatric patients than any contemporary stationary parallel bars. The adjustable handrails allow adjustment of width and height which provide great comfort to the patients.
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