Tongue depressor dispenser Agaplastic A.

Tongue depressor dispenser Agaplastic A.
Agaplastic A.

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Product?s Features: The tongue depressor dispenser is made of non-toxic colored plastic material, in order to condition; hygiene form, functionality, harmonically and with prominence, as well as the Tic-Tong tongue depressors in colored plastic with tutti-frutti aroma and flavor. There are various types of tongue depressor dispenser available such as in animal models or tube form, some include illustrative animal figures and others tube format, both guaranteeing perfect handling by the doctors. Product?s Differential: This product is used by doctors to create practical use and decoration in their offices and consulting rooms the depressors-dispenser promotes a cheerful interaction between doctors and patients, promoting a spontaneity atmosphere. Some models dispose availability of engraving throughout the surface of the product, promotional messages, logo-brands and pictures.
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