Pediatric tongue depressor / plastic Tic-Tong® Animal Junior Agaplastic A.

Pediatric tongue depressor / plastic Tic-Tong® Animal Junior Agaplastic A.
Tic-Tong® Animal Junior

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The use of Tic-Tong® has shown reduction of discomfort and fear in children during a doctor's visit. DESCRIPTION: Non-toxic plastic material. Non-sterile, disposable, colored in blue, yellow, red, green, orange and pink with tutti-frutti aroma and flavor. Assorted animal figures and colors inside the pack . DOES NOT CONTAIN: Sugar, latex or medicine substances. MEASURES: 4 1/2" Long x 5/3" Wide. INDICATIONS AND USE: Tic-Tong® is indicated for children until 2 years of age to facilitate the exam of the mouth, throat and adjacent organs, and oral motor exercise. Medical use by pediatricians, ENT's, family physicians, general practitioners, dentists, speech-language pathologists and other health professionals. LABORATORY TESTES: Batch samples are periodically tested by accredited FDA laboratories. Tic-Tong® is free of oral and intraperitoneal toxicity, and has never shown any case of allergic reaction. Patented - FDA - ISO 9001:2008 - ISO 13485:2003 - RDC 59/ BPF - CE - KOSHER
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