Gynecological spatula / plastic Agaplastic A.

Gynecological spatula / plastic Agaplastic A.
Agaplastic A.

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Product?s Features: Produced in non-toxic plastic, in various smooth and pastel colors, appropriate for gynecological medical use, it is used for collection of vaginal material, ectocervice and cervical chanel. The product can be customized by engraving the client?s logo-brand on the device. It is a product packed individually in transparent plastic film and conditioned in transparent plastic sacs. Product?s Differential: This product is used for the collection of gynecological material and is a safer alternative to a similar product in the market produced in wood, which is passive to breakage and splinters. Since our product is made of plastic, these risks are eliminated. Besides this advantage, our spatula allows the doctor to collect 03 types of material, saving collection time and diminishing considerably discomfort for patients.
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