Titrator TITRONIC® universal SI Analytics

Titrator TITRONIC® universal SI Analytics
TITRONIC® universal

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The TITRONIC® universal unit not only allows you to perform dosing operations quickly and easily but also accomplishes manual titrating operations without difficulty. The burette can be used with all dosing liquids, solvents and titrants. Dosing and titrating The adjustment of any dosing volume and the dosing speed is made simply by pressing a button. For incremental dosing operations, the entry of the volume and the waiting time between the volume increments can be adjusted just as easily and quickly. Manual titrating operations are performed using the hand control element TZ 3680, whereby 0.01 increments and 7 different titrating speeds are available. In addition, you can also call up a pre-titrating volume prior to each titration in order to reduce the titrating time.