Titrator automatic TitroLine® easy SI Analytics

Titrator automatic TitroLine® easy SI Analytics
TitroLine® easy

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This automatic titrator combines a syringe burette and pH/mV meter plus integrated intelligence. This intelligence carries out the parameterisation of the method for you. So all you have to do is press the 'Start' button and a short time later the unit displays the result on the large display. Ten different titration methods are built in and can be called up directly. 3 modes are available to choose from End point (EP) Self-searching equivalence point (Auto-EQ) Manual titration with hand-sensor (as TITRONIC® basic) TitroLine® is especially dedicated for these titrations: Salt content in food (cheese, soy sauce, ketchup ...) Total acid in wine and beverages Total Kjedahl nitrogen Acid level in bread and sourdough Alkalinity (m-value) Chloride in drinking water and waste water Iodometric and other redox titrations