Tilting C-arm table / electrical / with table TLX 15 PLUS Technix

Tilting C-arm table / electrical / with table TLX 15 PLUS Technix

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TLX is a mobile and wheeled multifunctional table. Thanks to the radio-transparent plane and the versatility of its performances, it ensures excellent results both in fluoroscopy and radiography examinations. Fit for a wide range of applications, it offers an ideal use in conjunction with C-arm Mobile Image Intensifiers and any other mobile or stationary x-ray system. TLX may be classified as a universal table and it is perfectly suitable to the widest range of applications, such as gynaecology, urology, lithotripsy and surgery. TLX is provided with a remote control handswitch for the motorized movements: up/down (“Z” axis= 320 mm), trendelenburg (+/- 15°), “Y” axis movement (200 mm), “X” axis movement (+/- 50 mm). The up/down movement can be also activated by a foot-switch. The cushion set is made in fire-retardant and biocompatible PVC (leather imitation), but it is available, on request, the anti-static and electrically conductive version. In order to satisfy every user’s requirements, TLX is available in the version with up/down and X/Y movements and in the version with up/down, X/Y movements and trendelenburg. Each TLX table is also provided with steel bars for the fixing of some optional accessories, such as 300 mm table extension, leg-rest, shoulder-rest, arm-rest, phlebo stand, roll holder, head-rest and liquid tank with drain pipe. Besides, for the lithotripsy use, it is possible to install proper supports for the treatment with shock wave membrane.
  • Features:with table
  • Operation:electrical
  • Ergonomics:tilting