Mobile C-arm / with video column TCA 6 Technix

Mobile C-arm / with video column TCA 6 Technix

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The TCA6 is a highly optimised Mobile Fluoroscopic System for surgery. The optimisation that has been obtained through an intensive Research and Development effort, is the pursuit of the best compromise within the peculiar features of such an instrument: dimensions, weight, balancing, ease of manoeuvre, X-ray features, image quality, safety. The large achievable distance of the SID axis from the unit’s stand, the noticeable motorised column elevation, reaching 500 millimetres, the wide C-arm’s insertion and span spaces, enable the best operational flexibility and the complete freedom of movement of the Surgeon in the operating theatre, in the confines of the sterile area. A suitable C-arm-cross-section’s profile, ensures flexural rigidity of the element, even in the most critical configuration with rotating anode tube monoblock X-ray generator and 9” Image Intensifier, for a high precision preservation of the X-ray beam centre, also in the horizontal projections. The TCA5 S&R can be fitted with a LASER targeting system that, from the monoblock and towards the intensifier, allows the identification of the beam centre, through a light cross: by means of this device, the preliminary positioning of the fluoroscopy system is possible, by reducing the X-ray dose to the patient.
  • System characteristics:with video column
  • System mobility:mobile