Telemedicine cart VIMED® DiViSy DOR Pro MEYTEC

Telemedicine cart VIMED® DiViSy DOR Pro MEYTEC

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Mobile telemedicine workstation for the hospital use VIMED® DiViSy DOR Pro The telemedicine system VIMED® DiViSy DOR Pro is the product of the collaboration between MEYTEC and Russian specialist for telemedicine systems DiViSy Group company. The system was specially developed for use in the intensive care, diagnostics and treatment as well as operating rooms. The telemedicine system can offer a medical room planner, which allows building of its own information structure for operations, hybrid rooms, intensive care units, examination and treatment rooms, as well as, the communication infrastructure for the complete hospital and quality management. The idea is to start with a minimum scope of functions, such as recording or visualization of the operating history etc., and to expand it depending on the specification. The telemedical system VIMED® DiViSy DOR Pro takes control over of the video information from medical devices, other data from medical devices, technical data, data from HIS, LIS, RIS, PACS. VIMED® DiViSy DOR Pro visualizes all data for the operating physician, for the assistance, anesthesiologist or nursing as well as it can also integrate the remote experts (-teams). Thanks to the special communication software all experts have the opportunity to share the medical information in the form of marks, text, images or sequences. The processes are synchronized with high precision, so that the multitrack synchronized video and audio signals as well as data from medical/technical devices in real-time.