Planning software / surgical / medical / orthopedic VIMED® ORTHO MEYTEC

Planning software / surgical / medical / orthopedic VIMED® ORTHO MEYTEC

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Telemedicine solution for multimodal image communication VIMED® ORTHO The telemedicine system VIMED® WEB has a special integrated solution called VIMED® ORTHO for the consistent planning and implementation of orthopedic operations. The numerous management functions of the application provide the user with a wide range of features for requesting, finding or storing of the orthopedic images. The physician, as well as, other authorized specialists can provide an optimal treatment on this way. The core of VIMED® ORTHO solution is a special measuring tool for the scaling of orthopedic images. To optimize the surgical procedure, the finding data can be provided with therapy-related reference marks to find all problem areas quickly during the operation. Thanks to the VIMED® ORTHO solution the orthopedic image can be scaled after processing and adjusted to the reference mark automatically. The telemedicine solution by MEYTEC grants a high quality and precision of orthopedic images, even if several medical experts cooperate by finding procedure.
  • Function:planning
  • Application domain:orthopedic, surgical, medical