Swab with transport media 4N6™ PIPETS Copan Italia

Swab with transport media 4N6™ PIPETS Copan Italia

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In Forensic investigations, the quality of the DNA samples plays a crucial role in identification applications and an insufficient sample from a crime scene could compromise the whole investigation. As forensic DNA laboratories experience higher demand to process large numbers of evidence samples, having enough quantity of DNA for downstream DNA identification applications becomes vital. Using Copan Flocked Swabs as the key component of the 4N6™ DNA Swab line, Copan created a collection system that is easy to use and it is ideal for collection of DNA evidence at crime scenes or from suspects and victims for collection of buccal swabs samples or blood stains. The patented technology behind the Flocked Swabs consists of sprayed-on Nylon® fibers arranged in a uniform perpendicular fashion. This fiber arrangement results in tremendous capillary hydraulics that rapidly absorbs evidence for efficient sampling of even places where the amount of sample is limited. The superior release of the Flocked Swabs compared to traditional fiber swabs becomes critical when the sample is scarce. By recovering over 90% of the evidence using Copan unique Nylon® 4N6™ Flocked Swab, assay sensitivity increases and DNA recovery is maximized.
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