Pasteur pipette 1.5 mL, 123 mm | 211C Copan Italia

Pasteur pipette 1.5 mL, 123 mm | 211C Copan Italia
1.5 mL, 123 mm | 211C

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Disposable plastic Pasteur pipets, commonly referred to as Transfer Pipets, are an essential product widely used by hospital, research and industrial laboratories for transferring liquids and clinical samples during diagnostic testing or analytical research. Copan Disposable Transfer Pipets are ideal for transferring and dispensing liquids safely in all types of laboratories. Copan Pipets are produced in low density polyethylene, are non-toxic and can be incinerated. Also, the pipets can be heat-sealed and frozen at very low temperatures, like liquid nitrogen. The line of sterile wrapped pipets is packaged in medical grade paper and plastic film
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