Swab with transport media SL Solution Copan Italia

Swab with transport media SL Solution Copan Italia
SL Solution

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Convenient Ready to Use System for Liquefying Sputum Specimens Copans SLsolution is a ready to use mucolytic agent for sputum samples with the principle active ingredient being Dithiotreitol (DTT). SLsolution quickly liquefies sputum specimens without affecting the morphology, growth or microscopic staining of pathogens in the sputum. It enables the emulsification of sputum and mucus resulting in a homogenous suspension allowing for easier, more consistent and reproducible planting and streaking of specimens. Ready to Use in Barrier Plastic No need for rehydration of powder or dilution of liquid concentrate. Tubes of reagent are provided ready to mix with sputum sample. Shatterproof tubes are packaged in a modified atmosphere and vacuum sealed to protect the integrity of the reagent. Minimizes Reagent Wastage Saves cost by avoiding excess use of reagent Enables Automated Sample Processing Room Temperature Stable
  • Application:with transport media
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