Surgical laser / dermatological / CO2 / on trolley MultiXel (DS-40UB) D.S.E.

Surgical laser / dermatological / CO2 / on trolley MultiXel (DS-40UB) D.S.E.
MultiXel (DS-40UB)

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MODEL MultiXel (DS-40UB) CLASSIFICATION Fractional CO2 Laser MANUFACTURER DAESHIN ENTERPRISE DISTRIBUTOR DAESHIN ENTERPRISE FIELDS Dermatology, Plastic surgery, Surgery, Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology SYMPTOM APPLIED Acne, Pore, Scar, Wrinkle, Skin tightening, Whitening, Rejuvenation, Nevus, Wart, Incision MultiXel is a scanning type fractional ultra-pulse CO2 laser, in which the surgeon can control freely Scan Area, Density Level and Beam Degree. MultiXel is an advanced ultra-pulse CO2 laser of 90?, which increases treatment effects while minimizing the influence to neighboring tissues as a fine laser beam is irradiated. ? LASER SOURCE * Laser Type CO2 Laser * Laser Tube Sealed-off CO2 * Wavelength 10.6 microns, invisible infrared * Divergence <3mrad * Power-on-Tissue CW 1~30W * Operating Mode Fractional Scanning Mode, Continuous Wav(CW) Mode, Normal Dream Pulse Mode, Super Dream Pulse Mode, Ultra Dream Pulse Mode * Dominant Mode TEM00 * Peak Power 315W at 90? * Aiming Beam 650nm, 3.5mW ? Fractional Scanning Mode * Ultara Mode 90?~900? * Scan Area Max 15*15mm * Density Lever 1~5 Level * Beam Degree Up to 7 Step * Spot Size 50 ~ 500um ? GENERAL FEATURES * Electrical Requirements 220V AC, 50/60Hz * Cooling System Water cooling with Sealed closed circuit * Dimensions 350(W)×350(D)×1099(H)? * Weight 50kg
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Seoul, Korea
South Korea
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