Smoke aspirator DS - 2000 E D.S.E.

Smoke aspirator DS - 2000 E D.S.E.
DS - 2000 E

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MODEL DS-2000E CLASSIFICATION Smoke evacuator MANUFACTURER DAESHIN ENTERPRISE DISTRIBUTOR DAESHIN ENTERPRISE FIELDS Smoke and smell evacuation at the time of laser surgical operations It is an apparatus to provide the users and patients with pleasant surgical operation environments by perfectly removing, with high suction force and low noise, smoke and smell occurred at the time of laser surgical operations. 1. Filter life : 1,000 hours maximum 2. Four-stage filtration : Prefilter, Carbon filter, Hepa filter (primary filter added, strengthened function) 3. Various speed control to compensate for the airflow and suction in operation standards 4. Electric power cut off just by touching the foot switch only one time during operation 5. Silent operation making communication between medical workers easy 6. System that offers easy movement and operation 7. Product that can be combined with lasers of Daeshin Enterprise
Guro-Dong, Byoksan 3 Cha 105, 271, Digital ro, Guro-Gu,
Seoul, Korea
South Korea
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