Dermatological laser / surgery / on trolley DeAgeEX D.S.E.

Dermatological laser / surgery / on trolley DeAgeEX D.S.E.

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MODEL DeAgeEX CLASSIFICATION RF-FRACTIONAL MANUFACTURER DAESHIN ENTERPRISE DISTRIBUTOR DAESHIN ENTERPRISE FIELDS Dermatology, Plastic surgery, Surgery, Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology DeAge offers simultaneous effects for scar, deep wrinkles, acne and pigmentary disorders among others. It reduces the risk of burn or severe pain compared to the conventionl fractional laser With the needle method, it gives a minimum inpact on the surface of skin enabling short treatment time and rapid recovery It delivers energy accurately to the target area with a minimum pain.
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Guro-Dong, Byoksan 3 Cha 105, 271, Digital ro, Guro-Gu,
Seoul, Korea
South Korea
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