Support cushion / foam / lumbar P951D SYST'AM

Support cushion / foam / lumbar P951D SYST'AM

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Help patients achieve more comfort and better positioning when sitting with this SYST'AM® back support. It reduces the risk of forward sliding, reduces lateral instability, and offers more protection for pressure sores occurring in the sacrum. There is padding on the side so the axillary-dorsal zone doesn't come into direct contact with the chair frame which can be very painful with intensive use. The design of the back support keeps the low lumbar anatomy in mind through the use of a viscoelastic memory foam back support that's multibearing. The blue zone provides firmer foam for zones that are lower risk, while the white zone has foam that's more flexible for high-risk areas. It can also adapt to most wheelchairs.
  • Type:support
  • Area of the body:lumbar
  • Technology:foam