Anti-decubitus cushion / foam / visco-elastic P361CA / VISCOFLEX®+ SYST'AM

Anti-decubitus cushion / foam / visco-elastic P361CA / VISCOFLEX®+ SYST'AM

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The Viscoflex® cushion features an anatomical design and is crafted from viscoelastic memory foam, which adapts accurately and gently to the seating area. This results in enhanced stability and this combined with the cushions mechanical properties significantly increases the contact area with the cushion. Additionally, these features combined improve stability, while reducing transcutaneous pressure and deliver unmatched comfort and positioning. Viscoflex® is exclusively designed to prevent pressure sores and with and owing to its high density, viscoelastic foam gives Viscoflex® cushions a higher resistance level than industrial grade viscoelastic foams. With the help of the foam insert, Viscoflex® creates a strong framework that reduces or increases support in order to deliver excellent sinking of the bony protuberances of the pelvis.
  • Technology:visco-elastic, foam
  • Type:anti-decubitus