Stump socks (orthopedic clothing) / compression / unisex 3512 Juzo

Stump socks (orthopedic clothing) / compression / unisex 3512 Juzo

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Designed to provide maximum compression, the Juzo® have been designed based on years of experience in the making of round and flat knitted medical compression stockings. In addition to the compression stub stocking used for the legs, Juzo® also manufactures arm stump stockings. Stump stockings are made using compressive fabric which promotes healing when used in combination with wound dressing after amputation. Soft and smooth the inner surface of the fabric provides comfort to the wearer. After amputation has taken place the stumps are usually painful and sensitive. With the smooth design the Juzo® stump stockings easily fit over the stump. With soft and elastic top brands one can be sure that they will receive optimal treatment for the stump, including those that have a large circumference and those that have adipose, and edemic tissue. Available in grades of Dynamic Silver, Juzo® Dynamic, Juzo® Expert, Expert Cotton and Expert Silver.
  • Patient type:unisex
  • Garment type:stump socks
  • Application:compression
United States

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