Stimulation laboratory bioreactor TC-3 Ebers Medical

Stimulation laboratory bioreactor TC-3 Ebers Medical

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The TC-3 Bioreactor has been designed as a simple easy-to-use system suitable for cell culture under mechanical loading profiles defined by the user. It has been designed and manufactured thinking of the needs of researcher working on cell culture under mechanical stimuli. The TC-3 combines the features of a traditional testing machine with the particular demands of cell culture, with special emphasis on the parts sterilization, easy assembling, sample inspection by microscopy techniques and simple manipulation. Also scalability and versatility are key features of the TC-3, in which three grips models can be interchanged in order to adapt to the features of the testing substrate or scaffold. The system is controlled by a simple computer interface which allows defining the most common loading profiles which can be applied on the culture substrate.
  • Applications:stimulation
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