Laboratory cell culture laboratory bioreactor TEB500 series Ebers Medical

Laboratory cell culture laboratory bioreactor TEB500 series Ebers Medical
TEB500 series

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The TEB500 series has been specifically conceived to carry out cell culture experiments under flow conditions. Moreover than providing the temperature and gas conditions necessary for cell growth, it incorporates two fully integrated peristaltic pumping systems equipped with multichannel pumpheads. The TEB500 has been designed with a double top door system in order to improve the accessibility to the flow circuits. In addition, it counts on the most advanced autocalibration, remote operation and data logging systems which make it a reliable and robust cell culture equipment. The TEB500 series is equipped with CO2 and O2 controls in its standard version and allows the user to: Control the culture media flow rate Regulate the inner temperature Regulate CO2 and O2 concentrations The fully integrated configuration of the TEB500 is able to substitute a large number of equipments frequently used for cell culture in Tissue Engineering, like a CO2 incubators, peristaltic pumps and heaters, since it integrates all their capabilities, allowing a wide variety of experimental set-ups including: Multiple simultaneous experiments Controlled flow profiles for cell stimulation experiments or Experiments under hypoxic conditions
  • Applications:laboratory cell culture
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