Sterilizer water distiller MELAdem 55 MELAG

Sterilizer water distiller MELAdem 55 MELAG
MELAdem 55

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The device, MELAdem 55 is a facility that processes water in order to supply the Cliniklav 25 and MELAG autoclave with superior quality of demineralised water. It is linked directly to the autoclave and the supplies this mechanically with feed water. The type of water processing which uses the principle of reverse osmosis is extremely environmentally friendly. Per hour 5 to 7 litres of demineralised water is produced by MELAdem 55. The storage tank can store up to 20 liters water. In the floor unit of the Cliniklav 25 the MELAdem 55 can be fitted easily. The product provides feed water to the Cliniklav 25.
  • Applications:for sterilizers
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