Medical thermosealer / belt MELAseal 200 MELAG

Medical thermosealer / belt MELAseal 200 MELAG
MELAseal 200

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This new bar sealing device combines the proven technology of the MELAseal 100+ series with the benefits of larger rotary sealers. The MELAseal 200 sets a new standard in terms of documentation and operation. It complies with all of the EN ISO 11607-2 specifications. After a short pre-heating time of 90 seconds or so, it’s ready to operate. The sealing time only takes about two seconds. The package sealing process can be done easily without interruption. The device is user-friendly with two integrated USB interfaces, a maintenance counter, and a large display. It also offers 4 soft-keys and a direct PC connection. The user administration is integrated.
  • Features:belt
  • Applications:medical
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