Medical autoclave / bench-top 17 L | Vacuklav 30 B+ MELAG

Medical autoclave / bench-top 17 L | Vacuklav 30 B+ MELAG
17 L | Vacuklav 30 B+

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The product, Vacuklav 30 B+ is efficient and successful sterilization is performed by the water cooled vacuum pump and the ideal dryness of instruments weighs up to 5 kg and operates continuously. Connecting the sterilizer to the water inlet and outlet is simple and comfortable. Vacuklav 30 B+ has proved its reliability and dependability with its value performance. It has simple operating design and there are many options for loading. At a time the device can sterilize up to five trays or three cassettes in the compact sterilization chamber which is 35 cm deep and has a volume of 17 liters. An additional advantage of the product is the integrated monitoring of the feed water, because if the water quality is bad, it may damage the instrument and can result in very high repairing costs.
  • Application domain:medical
  • Configuration:bench-top
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