Stereotactic frame AXiiiS® Monteris Medical

Stereotactic frame AXiiiS® Monteris Medical

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The AXiiiS Stereotactic Miniframe is a single-use, MRI-compatible trajectory alignment device that provides a new level of stability, flexibility, and visualization for minimally invasive stereotactic procedures. These procedures may include laser coagulation, biopsies, catheter placement, etc. The unique linear leg translation and 360-degree directional interface of AXiiiS Stereotactic Miniframe provide surgeons with over 50 degrees of angulation, allowing access to multiple intracranial target points with a simple adjustment. The AXiiiS device is MRI-visible, allowing users to confirm trajectory alignment and implant devices using MRI guidance. The Monteris Medical AXiiiS® Stereotactic Miniframe is FDA approved 510(k) for the following uses: to provide stereotactic guidance, placement and fixation for the operation of instruments, devices during the planning and operation of neurological procedures.