Preoperative planning software / neurosurgery / medical M?Vision™ Monteris Medical

Preoperative planning software / neurosurgery / medical M?Vision™ Monteris Medical

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The M Vision software is a menu driven software application useful in NeuroBlate System procedure for guiding the user through the clinical workflow. M vision provides the surgeons during laser ablation procedure by generating intended therapy plans 3-D monitoring of the administration of contoured thermal therapy. The software enables the surgeons to proactively plan multiple trajectories to a desired target and enables a safe and effect approach to the region of interest. The software is capable of accepting and co-registering DICOM image data for an effective assessment of the structures during preoperative trajectory planning. The M Vision software's volume generation function generates the Regions of interest (ROIs) prior to the therapy thus helps in identification of the intended ablation area or no-go regions which enables to take steps against collateral damage to critical structures. M Vision Software is used prior to Laser Delivery Probe insertion to confirm alignment of the AXiiiS device along the intended.
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