Soxhlet extractor E-816 ECE Büchi

Soxhlet extractor E-816 ECE Büchi
E-816 ECE

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Perform economic fat determination in food and feed samples with the E-816 ECE (Economic Continuous Extraction). The automated continuous extraction method ensures simple method selection and easy operation. Highest solvent recovery and reduced solvent consumption guarantee cost savings. Your most important benefits: Economic Low solvent consumption due to the compact design of the glass assembly More than 90% recycling yields thanks to minimized solvent emission and cooled tank Convenient Quick and simple method selection thanks to intuitive solvent library Minimal operator intervention thanks to easy sample loading Increase operator availability due to unattended process for walk-away Fast and reliable Up to four times faster compared to extractions using classical glassware High reproducibility and reliable results thanks to continuous extraction method Automated and compliant Twisselmann extraction (according to ISO, etc.) High speed heating due to ceramic plates and individual heating zones