Laboratory micro-encapsulation system B-390 Büchi

Laboratory micro-encapsulation system B-390 Büchi

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The leading system for the controlled encapsulation of numerous actives and materials for innovative lab-scale R&D work. Simplistic and flexible operation enables application in a wide range of fields - Pharmaceutical, Food, Feed, Cosmetics, Textiles and Agriculture. Your most important benefits: Versatile Numerous applications and production capabilities for different scientific fields Preparation of beads and capsules Production of a wide range of particle sizes (150 ?m - 4 mm): 8 nozzle sizes available Work with a wide range of sample volumes (? 5 ml) Employment of a wide range of different polymers and materials Operate with viscous solutions due to temperature control of nozzle (up to 80°C) Reliable Reproducible and continuous results Efficient process with high production yields Adjustment of bead/capsule characteristics by means of real-time process control Pre-determination of bead and capsule size Production of homogenous structures with a very narrow size distribution (? 1.5%) User friendly Fast installation with a quick and intuitive operation and simple maintenance Application booklet and database enables rapid obtainment of production parameters Quick optimization by means of visualization of the production process and real-time control Small dimensions enables easy handling and movement