Laboratory digester KjelDigester K-446, KjelDigester K-449 Büchi

Laboratory digester KjelDigester K-446, KjelDigester K-449 Büchi
KjelDigester K-446, KjelDigester K-449

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The KjelDigester reduces the block digestion process by up to two hours and meets the highest safety requirements. The high degree of automation is the perfect match to the KjelMaster System allowing for unprecedented sample throughput. Your most important benefits: Highly efficient Acceleration of the heating and cooling step, saving up to two hours Direct transfer of the 20 position rack to the KjelSampler Unattended operation by using automatic lift and delayed start time (K-449 only) Programmable time / temperature profiles and full Scrubber K-415 control (K-449 only) Safe and convenient Improved sealing for effective transfer of harmful fumes No user contact with hot samples due to automatic lift (K-449 only) Convenient magnetic suction module fixation Extended lifetime of block and accessories with protective drip tray Proven Compliant to official regulations like AOAC, ISO, EN Accurate temperature control following the programmed profile Reproducible digestion due to the improved thermal homogeneity